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Monday, June 21, 2021

How to surprise others for birthday while being away from each other in this pandemic? / Long distance surprise ideas 2021/ Digital birthday wishes or surprise

 Are you thinking to surprise others for their birthday while being away from each other and without making much effort??

If you think so, this blog will definitely help you in making your friend happy even if you are away.

1.The video of wishes :

Ask your pal's friends and relatives to send their birthday wishes to you personally in any social media and collect it. If you wish you can also ask them to send videos saying happy birthday wishes to your pal. Compile all the wishes and videos together, make a video and send it to the birthday baby 😊.

Birthday surprise ideas in pandemic

2.The background change

Get a pic of your friend and remove its background while attaching it with another background. This can be done in home using 3 ways i.e power point, MS Word and paint 3d in a jiffy. 

Refer my detailed Youtube video about removal of background.

The link- How to remove and change background

How to remove and change background of an image

3.Birthday songs with names:

If you wish to send your buddy a birthday song with their name, you can make use of a website which I found easy and satisfied to use. Enter the name that you want, in the search box. The names appear related to your search. Choose the name that you want and download the birthday song. There are different types of birthday songs which can be used as a background song for your video.

The link- Make birthday songs with your name

4.Photo video making :

Make use of your chum's photos and make a birthday video with songs, emojis, text etc using apps. There are several apps found in Play store for Birthday video making which can be downloaded in Android. If you go with PC plenty of free online websites are available for photo video making which can be found by googling free online photo video maker or free online birthday video maker with photos.

I have given you some ideas about the theme of photos or order of photos.

For example:

*His / Her Photos taken on each birthday 

*No of Photos = Their age

*His / Her photos taken on best moments etc.....

5.The midnight surprise:

Make a Whatsaap group with your friends and add the Birthday boy/ girl in it.  Before the birthday of your buddy, start to send messages typing the minutes to go after 11:30.( 30 mins to go, 15 mins to go, 1 minute to go etc...) After each minute send them the mins to go one after another. After each 5 minutes send the photo of the birthday baby or any birthday quotes. Like this,12 am reaches and start to sent them your wishes , photos and videos. Give a chance to every member in the group to send wishes and do not forget to plan the minute count for everyone so that repetition of messages are avoided.

Long distance surprise ideas

6.The Pic of The Date

Everyone may not have a chance to see their birth date in the calendar ( Daily calendar).So getting a chance to see it is always lucky. So I found a website called Tamil daily calendar in which the real photos of the daily calendar is attached in Tamil language .The daily calendar is only available from 2005. After submitting the date ,month and year we wish the image of the particular date can be seen. I have only found the website for the language Tamil. If you pass by websites of daily calendar in any other language please comment down so that it may be helpful for people seeing this blog.

The link- Tamil Calendar

Birthday surprise ideas in pandemic

Popular websites for E-greetings:

Get ready to make your crony surprised and happy!!🎉🎈🍰🍰

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